Description of image 1

This image portrays a head emerging from a teacup, symbolizing a woman’s struggle to rise above her entangled, chaotic thoughts. The teacup serves as a metaphor for societal constraints, presenting the woman as an object on display. Her continual dunking into the cup signifies the persistent struggle to break free from these confines and the resultant mental turmoil.

Description of image 2

A brain transformed into a bomb with its pin removed symbolizes the precarious nature of scrambled thoughts. The impending explosion reflects the imminent danger of a mind overwhelmed by chaos, teetering on the edge of a breakdown.

Description of image 3

Depicting the cluttered chaos of my student accommodation room, this image mirrors the disorder within my mind. Scattered food, work, clothes, and plans illustrate how external messes reflect internal mental turbulence, capturing the essence of a scrambled state of being.

A man trapped within his own brain, struggling to break free, captures the cyclical nature of self-imposed limitations. Each movement represents an attempt to escape the confinement of their scrambled thoughts, highlighting the ongoing battle within.