In this piece, old photographs are interwoven into a self-portrait, encapsulating cherished memories. The use of red and blue hues conveys the vivid yet fragmented nature of nostalgia, highlighting how past experiences intrude upon present focus.

A telephone crafted from postcards signifies the evolution of communication, from traditional postcards to modern digital interactions. This image reflects the nostalgic journey through the history of connecting with loved ones and the evolution of communication.

A photograph of a park featuring two children cycling away, with one child drawn as a cutout, symbolizes the universal struggle to fit in since childhood. The accompanying text, "I wish I didn't feel the need to fit in," conveys a poignant sense of nostalgia, highlighting the regret and longing associated with the pressure to conform from an early age.

A cutout of a man, slowly detaching from the paper yet still held by a hand, poignantly symbolizes the way we cling to memories, both cherished and painful, through the lens of nostalgia. This piece delves into the bittersweet nature of remembering, where the past constantly lingers, partly detached but never fully let go. The fragile connection of the cutout hand signifies the delicate balance between holding on to our history and allowing ourselves to move forward, embodying the complex interplay of time, memory, and indentity.