An illustration of a child enraptured by pop stars on TV, evoking my own childhood memories of being inspired by shows like "Indian Idol" and "Hannah Montana." This piece captures the profound early influence of music on my life, highlighting the formative impact of these iconic programs on my artistic and personal development.

Depicting a man pulling on the strings of a cassette tape, this image symbolizes the search for and retrieval of memories through music. It evokes nostalgia and the emotional connection to music as a way to validate our feelings.

A visual of a man on a spinning record, designed as a galaxy with musical notes as stars, illustrates how music transports us to another world and has a healing effect.

A gramophone adorned with images of iconic Indian actresses, styled like old hindi movie poters, evokes a deep sense of cultural heritage. This piece reflects my appreciation for music and cinema, influenced by my mother's love for these art forms.