A woman, under the pressure of her own thoughts, is depicted with her head cut off, replaced by berries and fish. This sarcastic display plays on the phrase "live to eat, not eat to live," illustrating how people obsess over food. It depicts deliciousness as an overwhelming and consuming thought.

This image shows a heart inside a transparent cracked lollipop, symbolizing the overconsumption of food. It represents how we lose ourselves in the deliciousness of food, forgetting its true purpose.

Inspired by the unexpected elements in art, this collage depicts a woman scaled to fit inside a cake, holding a fork. This image critiques the objectification of women by drawing a parallel between food and femininity. By positioning the woman as part of the dessert, it highlights how society often commodifies and consumes both, inviting viewers to reflect on these pervasive cultural norms.

In this whimsical giphy animation, a woman swings on a wave of the sea from a traditional swing. The surreal scene embodies deliciousness in a dreamlike manner, with the fluid waves and playful swing evoking a sense of indulgence and pleasure. This animation captures the essence of savoring life's simple yet profound joys, transcending the physical act of eating.